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Sex Work/Sex Play
"Get ready for an evening of fun and wit that will leave you laughing out loud." Chloe Rabinowitz, Broadway World
"no shortage of witty asides and comic twists and turns on the one hand and moments of openness and self-reflection on the other" John R Ziegler, Thinking Theater NYC
"Punchy, witty, fast paced and sharp." Tania Fisher, Theater Pizzaz
Off Broadway World Premiere 
September 20th - SU Night - Post Show Recpeption & Talkback with Alumni Caytha Jentis & Amber Gatlin
September 23th - Salon w/ couples & sex therapist Sari Cooper (Sex Esteem) on the "taboo" themes from the play
September 27th - Talkback w sex researcher & NYU professor Dr. Zhana "Casual sex, love & relationship styles"
October 4th - Talkback w/ sex worker activist Kaytln Bailey "Why The Oldest Profession is Just That, A Profession"

Set in modern-day Brooklyn, the story follows the lives of five people – a divorced mother, her college aged daughter, a suburban husband and wife and a male porn star, who are struggling in their own ways with life, relationships, work, and… sex. This charming, witty sweet and spice play invites us to laugh at the delightfully awkward and uncomfortable scenarios that play out as these characters navigate their relationships and ultimately reclaim and redefine their sexuality when everything is a swipe away and nobody tells the truth.

Starring: Constance Zaytoun, Josh Hyman, Amber Gatlin, Kerry McGann & Christopher Trindade
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